Why visit Evia

Petali beach euboea island

The 4 season tourist destination                                                       

the 2nd largest island of Greece, an ideal and excellent holiday destination for both Greeks and foreign visitors. With its rich natural and cultural heritage, its exceptional natural beauty, its Natural Monuments, its Special Protected Areas, its Natural Environment Areas, Natura 2000 Network, its Wetlands, its 900 kilometers of coastline and1,190 thousands acres of forestland – today it remains the crossroads of cultures and traditions. The county offers 130 large and small beaches235 hotels with 15,700 beds and 6,700 apartments. Its only recently that it has started to become known as a 4 season tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty, diversity of soil, its cultural heritage, its vibrant local tradition, its folk art, its hospitality and its cuisine and traditional recipes. Despite the development, the Prefecture has been converted into a mass tourism destination and has not altered its natural environment. This is the great comparative advantage as the island of Evia is an authentic and traditional island yet remains unspoilt.

Located only 80 km from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos and is easily accessible both by land and by sea. It has easy road access with its two bridges in central Evia, its railway line Athens – Chalkis and its six (6) ferry connections makes it an ideal weekend getaway that leaves no one disappointed. Evia has natural beauty, archaeological sites , museums, the unique tidal phenomenon of Euripus, explicit spas, the famous Drakospita Karystia, the Petrified Forest and Kerassia’s Museum of Fossils Vertebrates www.kerasiamuseum.gr the monasteries and churches with the leading church of St. John the Russian, picturesque villages, the forest village in Northern Evia, the wetlands, the canyons, the mountain refuges, the hiking and climbing trails, the mountain bike trails, the underwater activities, the religious trails, horseback riding, the great beaches, unique flora and fauna, tasty treats and a vast variety of entertainment and more from a perfect combination of hospitality, affection and human warmth.

Why visit Evia                                                                                    

– Evia the year round island with its proximity to the mainland

– Is a mainland island

– Just 50 minutes from the Athens airport and 65 minutes from the airport Aghialos (Volos), does not impose taxes and very economical for chartered flights.

– Accessable both by land and by sea

– Transfer from the airport to the island of Evia is – in collaboration with the hotels at special rates with luxury coaches, minibuses, connecting with train and rental vehicles

– Provides the possibility of combinational tours with other sites (Acropolis, Delphi, Parnassus, Skiathos, Skopelos)

1 For easy access

2 For the unique clear water beaches

3 For the phenomenon of the Euripus Strait

4 For the Thermal spas

5 For peace and serenity

6 For the Dragon houses of Karystia

7 For the monasteries and shrines

8 For the Museum of Fossils Vertebrates and archaeological sites

9 For the mountain – climbing trails and canyons

10 For the unique ponies of Skyros

11 For the Mediterranean diet

12 For the hospitality

The Effect of Tidal Strait of Euripus in Chalcis

Paliroiko0_Animation(1) Why visit Evia

It is about six hours by switching the direction of the waters in the Strait of Euripus. It is based on the pull of the Moon and the Sun to Earth. The study has been addressed by Aristotle and Eratosthenes, to contemporary Greek and foreign scientists. Final interpretation has been given by Professor Dimitris Eginitis, during which the phenomenon is due to the very narrow point of the channel ( 40 meters long ) to the difference in water level between North and South Coast , combined with the effects of the attraction that the moon and the sun in earth.

Mineral Springs and Spas

aidipsos-sea2 Why visit Evia

Hot springs are called natural upwelling of hot water, which ingredients they contain are suitable to cure various ailments. Famous for its thermal springs is Edipsos in North of Evia. The spa is considered the most comprehensive therapeutic of its kind. Today there are more than 80 hot springs where the temperature ranges from 28°C to 80°C. Reports of special hydrologists’ doctors and other scientists arrive at the conclusion that the thermal waters and Edipsos and Yialtra are ideal for conditions such as arthrosis, rheumatism, spondylitis, lumbago, sciatica, anchylosis, migraines, tendonitis, chronic gynecological diseases, angiopathy, but also for the revitalization of aesthetics and beauty. Today Edipso is a health-resort well organized, ready to accommodate visitors arriving there because of health problems or just for tourism. It has about 5,500 habitants, but a much greater capability of accommodation.

The Petrified Forest and Kerassia’s Museum of Fossils Vertebrates http://www.kerasiamuseum.gr

evia-museum-kerasia_4 Why visit Evia

The Petrified Forest cherry located in northern Evia and is a unique natural monument of Geological heritage with great interest.Significant findings are petrified logs throughout the region. There, on farms, showing clusters of petrified trees, large as well as pieces of petrified logs. From studies in paleoflora area, allegedly has aged 10-25 million years. The creation of the Petrified Forest is associated with intense volcanic activity occurred in the area before 10-25 million years. 

Kerassia’s Museum of Fossils Vertebrates 
Inaugurated in September 2006 and houses the paleontological richness of the area. Excavations in Kerassia have found fossils of mammals that lived in Evia more than six million years ago. These findings are properly maintained by the University of Athens and presented for the first time in public in an unique way.

The Dragon House Karystia

10_Drakospito_dragon_house_on_Ochi Why visit Evia

These stone buildings are the most known enigmatic monuments of Evia today. They are always located in steep and surveillant positions, while they’re distinctive for their massive and stocky construction with huge slabs of gray limestone and shale, forming at the top a tiered pyramid-shaped roof.

This is a total of 23 ancient megalithic structures, found in the mountainous areas around Styra, the best preserved example being the Dragon house on the peak of Mount Oche. It was assumed that these were the temples dedicated to ancient gods Hercules and Hera.

Convents and Places of worship

12_Sain_John_the_russian-Prokopi Why visit Evia

Throughout Evia there consists of sixteen (16 ) monasteries , monuments of Greek Orthodoxy , which are an integral part of our national heritage, valued visitor attraction and offer excitement to lovers of religious tourism. One of the most important pilgrimages not only of Evia and the whole of Hellenism is the church of St. John the Russian Prokopi located in North Evia.  In the church that hosted the venerable relics of St. John the Russian, who moved into his new  home in the year 1925 Procopius the rootless refugees from Cappadocia. Thousands of visitors visit the Holy and in particularly on May27th. Christians from every region make use of the worship and invoke help in their difficult moments.

Archaeological site and museum of Eretria

18b_Eretria_archeological_place_2 Why visit Evia

The museum, which is located adjacent to the archaeological site of Eretria, contains artifacts unearthed at Xeropolis, the cemetery of Skoumbri, Palaia Perivolia, and Toumba in Lefkandi, at Paliochora and Geraki hill in Amarynthos and in Eretria and Magoula.Many artifacts found in Eretria are on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and in the Louvre in Paris. Eretria of the oldest cradles of Greek Culture, along with Halkida were the pioneers of Culture in Europe by transferring the wave of the Halkidian and Evian alphabet to the colonies of southern Italy, which was the forerunner of the modern Latin.Today, there is great interest for the archaeological findings of ancient Eretria, as the ancient theater, The Dome, the Macedonian tomb of love. The Apollo Temple, The Temple of Isis,  The House of mosaics, The bath springs, the lower Gymnasium, West Portal, Sanctuary Mars, the Palace, the Temple of Dionysus, the Upper Gymnasium, the Thesmoforio (holy Demeter ).

Archaeological Museum of Eretria

2-arcaiological-museum Why visit Evia

The Archaeological Museum of Eretria was established in 1960, but was enlarged between 1961 and 1962. It underwent further renovation and extension between 1987 and 1991 by the 11th Ephorate of Antiquities of the Greek Archaeological Service in collaboration with the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece. The museum houses the archaeological finds from excavations in the area. Prominent in holding exhibits sculptures of the temple of Apollo, and especially the complex of Theseus with the Amazon Antiope .

Kymi – the birthplace of the physician Dr. George Papanicolaou

papanikolaou Why visit Evia

In central Evia, on the east side, built on the slopes from the balcony of the Aegean, in lush greenery, is the noble birthplace of Dr. George Nicholas Papanicolaou in the seaport town of Kymi, with the invention of the «test pap». The Pap test (also known as Papanicolaou test or smear test) was developed by the Greek doctor G. N. Papanicolaou and is still one of the most important tools to identify the very early stages of cervical cancer in women and has saved the lifes of many women. George Papanicolaou received many awards and distinctions towards the end of his life, though he never received the Nobel Prize, despite having been suggested several times. In 1949 the Medical School of Athens University, declared him honorary doctorate, while the Academy of Athens in 1957 declared him an honorary member too. Posthumously he was awarded the prize of the UN. George Nicolas Papanicolaou died on 18th February 1962 of heart failure, a short time prior to the opening of the Papanicolaou Research Institute in Miami, Florida. He is buried in Clinton, New Jersey.

We invite you to visit us and discover the island of EVIA for its natural beauty and culture.


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