Vythouri beach Euboea Island

vythouri beach evia
vithouri-beach-euboea-island Vythouri beach Euboea Island
vithouri beach euboea island

The beach Vythouri is a magnificent beach with crystal clear turquoise waters behind Dirfis washed by the Aegean Sea.The beach and the bottom are small pebbles. The beach is very small and rarely see many people.   Nor is there a nearby restaurant or cafe, nor about what it would have fitted in advance.Vythouri beach is a small, secluded cove on the northern side of Dyrfi Mountain, facing the Aegean Sea.

The beach is sandy with small pebbles and turquoise waters. Due to the high cliffs that surround it, it is sunny for only a few hours every day. The closest shops are 5 km away so it is advised that visitors should have with them any provisions they may need.

Only 1hr and 25min from Eviafoxhouse

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