Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece

Evia is the perfect place to pass a relaxing week away. If you are looking for all inclusive beach holidays, take a look at our top 10 reasons to holiday in Evia

1.Good to visit all year round-Near to Athens

Only 60km from Athens Evia enjoys a pretty mild weather. It’s good to visit throughout the whole year. The capital of Evia, Halkida, is just an hour from Athens airport. Two road bridges spanning the narrow gap from the mainland to the island, so access is easy all year.

Map Athens to Eviafoxhouse only99km from Athens

athens_to_evia Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece

2.Amazing Beaches

With more than 300 days of sunshine annually on average, Evia is definitely primarily a beach destination. Evia consists of beautiful, and usually remote beaches, surrounded by mountains and pine forests. You will find both sandy beaches with umbrellas, deck chairs, bars and every kind of shop needed for holiday needs, and remote beaches with stunning canyons and mountains, suitable for exploration.

dafni-beach Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
eviadafni-beach evia only 5 km from eviafoxhouse

The stunning island of Evia in Greece has 370 km. of coastline and about 110 beaches. So, someone could spend all three summer months in Evia Island and choose a different beach every day! However, they would need a beaches’ map to guide them around the lovely coasts of the Aegean Sea with crystal clear blue waters and the amazing turquoise bays of the Evian Gulf.

vithouri-beach-evia-greece Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
vithouri beach evia greece only 40min from eviafoxhouse

Best beaches in Evia such as Dafni Beach, Hiliadou beach, Limnionas beach, Politika beach, Vythouri beach, Petali beach, Sarakiniko beach, Vlachia beach, Agia Anna beach, Kalamos beach, and many others.

Petali-beach-euboea-island-e1488125181267 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
Petali beach euboea island only 35km from eviafoxhouse

Evia beaches are among the most impressive beaches in Greece.

hiliadou-beach-e1511733456285 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
hiliadou beach only one hour from eviafoxhouse

3.Fantastic  mountains

Dirfys Mountain,it’s the main mountain of Evia, as along with Mount Olympus they occupy most of its central part. Its highest peak (1,743 meters), Delphi, is the highest mountain of all the Greek islands after the mountains of Crete. The mountain has pine trees, chestnuts, oak trees, fir trees, many steep parts and a rich fauna. Each year there is a lot of snow on its high peaks and for this reason, it has so many springs of flowing waters, which are bottled. You should also see the aesthetical forest of Steni and the famous Dragon Houses on the mountain. The hut of the mountaineering association of Chalkida, which often organizes safe excursions in the woods of Steni and the surrounding mountains, is located at an altitude of thousand meters.

dirfis-mountain Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
dirfis mountain only 30 min from eviafoxhouse

Kantili Mountain has an elevation of 1.225 meters and is located in northwestern Evia, in Limni. Its highest peak is named Kourouvlo or Kourvelo – there are many locals who also call the whole mountain Kourvelo. At some points of the mountain, such as Psili Rachi and Kakavos, you’ll see deposits of limestone. It’s highly suggested to hikers but also to those driving 4×4 cars. In Kantili you’ll see a large pine tree forest with deciduous and coniferous trees, many species of plants and predatory birds.

Kanthli_mountain_Evia_Greece_4 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece

Ochi Mountain the southeast side of the island is completely covered by Mount Ochi, with an elevation of 1.400 meters in its highest point, Profitis Elias. On this peak there are built a small church, a Dragon House, with huge stone plates raising the question how it was built, and ancient Roman quarries. This mountain is also known as Karystos Mount; this is where the famous Karystian marbles with the special greenish color come from. Chestnut trees, fir trees, ancient plants, flowing waters and a great variety of rocks create a unique landscape. On the peaks of the mountain, you will see birds of prey and other rare bird species. Despite the fact that the mountain is very rough, you will find many hiking paths. You should definitely visit the Dragon House!

Xiro Mountain is located in northwestern Evia and has an elevation of 990 meters. It has a path formed especially for climbing, offering a unique experience. The path starts from Drimonas waterfalls, which you definitely have to visit, and reaches the top after 3 kilometers. Pine trees, firs, oaks, and a rich flora compose a magical natural landscape where you will enjoy climbing to the top.

4.Chalkida, the city of the “crazy waters”

Honestly, the inhabitants of Chalkida are totally sane, despite the peculiar behavior of the waters under the old Chalkida Bridge, which changes direction on a whim every six hours. The reason for this phenomenon? The moon’s gravity, as well as the difference in sea level between the north and south Evoikos Gulfs. Fresh fish and seafood, endless promenades along the quay with its cafes and restaurants, important sights such as the Kokkino Spiti (Red House) of 1884, the House with the Statues, the archaeological museum and the Mayor’s Hall, whose architecture features baroque and Italian eclecticism elements, all make up the unique character of Evia’s sunny capital.

evia_map_2 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
euboea island

5.Aidipsos thermal springs

Aidipsos is probably the most famous spa-town in Greece! This cute little town is situated in Northern Evia and is connected to the mainland by ferry from Arkitsa, in Fthiotida. Evia can be reached easily also by car, bus or train from Attica through the Cable Bridge. The healing properties of Aidipsos thermal springs are known since ancient times and are actually mentioned in the scripts of Plutarch, Strabo, and Aristotle.

PB200201 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
the-healing-thermal-springs-of-edipsos/only 1.30min from Eviafoxhouse

A plethora of neoclassical mansions, lush plane trees, and picturesque traditional cafes and restaurants envelop the town with a unique nostalgic atmosphere. Αrchaeological sites around Aidipsos, such as the Sylla Cave, have re-opened, inviting you to discover them. The temperature of the waters ranges from 28οC to 86οC. The waters are rich in magnesium, calcium, and iron while their properties are extremely healing. The springs are scattered in various points of the city and through canals supply with water all hydrotherapy centers of the area.

6.Archaeology in Evia

Evia represented by archeology and architectural elements in all periods of history, including Roman quarries and aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Frankish castles Mycenaean tombs.

Archaeological-Museum-of-Eretria2 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
archaeological-museum-of-eretria2 only 40min from Eviafoxhouse

Archaeological Museum of Eretria:The signature piece at the museum is a terracotta depiction of the mythical Medusa, whose tresses were turned into live serpents by the goddess Athena as revenge for Medusa’s dalliance with Poseidon.Once you have browsed the exhibits, be sure to take the map of the town to locate the other ancient sites, which include the fascinating House of Mosaics, dating from the 4th century BC. Leave a couple of hours to explore these sights.

7.Natural waterfalls and rivers

The Drimona Waterfalls are a location of exquisite natural surroundings. These gorgeous waterfalls can be found in North Evia, at an altitude of 620m and 4km after the monastery of St. David, following the road that starts at Rovies. The journey amongst the lush greenery provides a peaceful drive for the visitor. There are two versions as to the origin of the name: either from the thick oak (δρυς=dris) forest that surrounds it or the severe (δριμυ=drimi) cold that exist during the winter months.

waterfall-of-drimonas-evia-island-1-750x660-min-e1541324676175 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
waterfall-of-drimonas-evia-island only 1hr from Eviafoxhouse

Kireas river, Heading to Agia Anna you will pass from Kireas River, located in northern Evia. This river offers the most beautiful trekking route of the island. Uncountable plane trees, flowing waters from the river and various kinds of amphibians will make you stop your car for a while and have a look at the beautiful river and landscape. River Kireas joins river Nileas and they both end up in the waters of the Aegean Sea, and more specifically on Krya Vrysi beach. Kireas River may be small, but it’s the most beautiful river of the island. Clean, frozen waters, hanging wooden bridges and stairs are everywhere in the plane trees forest and above the rivers’ waters. You should also try finding the famous Geroplatanos, which is said to be the oldest and largest tree of the whole Balkan Peninsula, located on the shores of the river. It’s a trip you shouldn’t miss!

kireas-river-evia Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
c Vangelis Feleris

8. Evia monasteries

The monasteries are also of great significance and offer great interest to religious tourism; as well, important are the museums scattered in several towns in the area.

Saint John the Russian

The church of Saint John the Russian can be found at Prokopi and is dedicated to this saint. A vast number of worshipers flock here daily to visit the relic of Saint John the Russian. St. John was born in Russia in 1690. When in 1711 war broke out against Turkey, a soldier then, St. John was enslaved and taken back to his hometown of Prokopi in Asia Minor. Even though he was tortured constantly in order to change faith, his virtuous nature made his master sympathetic of him and allow him to be free to practice his faith. His tasks include caring for the animals which he did with lots of love.

00_big-e1482016071175 Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
St. John the Russian, Evia

Temple of Saint Irene Chrisovalanto (holder of gold)

The Monastery of Saint Irene Chrysovalanto is an adjacent monastery to that of Saint George at Ilia Monastery and is situated above the Metropolitan camp between theNorth Evia villages of Rovies and Ilia and overlooks the Gulf of Evia and the evergreen forest of Valantio. It’s worth visiting and it attracts tourists from all over Greece as its two inner chapels celebrate on the 6th May (St. Onoufrio) and on the 12th June (St. Job).

The Monastery of Saint George

This Monastery, whose history goes back centuries, is a significant monument in the area of North Evia, but also for the whole of the island of Evia. This monastery was moved to its present position from Aidipsos and is of exquisite natural beauty. It attracts tourists from all over Greece who come during their summer holidays since it was mentioned by visitors of the 19th century who spoke about relics belonging to the Oracle of Apollon who was mentioned by the philosopher and geographer Stravon in 445 BC. The exact date of construction is not known.

Saint David Monastery

This Monastery, standing at the foot of the mountains of “Kavalaris” and “Xiron Oros” and looking out onto the village of Drimona is a significant monument in the area of North Evia, but also for the whole of the island of Evia and Greece. This monastery is dedicated to Saint David and the Metamorphosis of our Saviour.It is positioned so that it is protected by winds from all directions but not necessarily by the snow in the cold winter months. Nevertheless, it attracts visitors and pilgrims from all over Greece and abroad throughout the year and welcomes everyone with a sweet “loukoumi” and a warm cup of mountain tea or Greek coffee.

osios-david-evia Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece

Galataki Monastery

This Monastery, standing on a cliffside 200 meters above the sea, as if to welcome visitors to North Evia and to gaze at neighboring Viotia across the gulf, is a significant monument in the area of North Evia, but also for the whole of the island of Evia and Greece. This monastery is dedicated to Saint Nikolas, protector of the sea and in part to Poseiden, offers exquisite natural beauty and attracts tourists from all over Greece who come during their summer holidays.

Panagia Perivleptou Politika

Just outside of the village of Politika along the northern Euboean coast is the women’s monastery of Panagia Perivleptou. Surrounded by foliage atop a picturesque hill, this 11th-century church is now home to a handful of orthodox nuns. Its exterior consists of a single dome and ceramic tile roof, while its multi-color marble floors are unique.

Ioannis Kalavitis Psachnon

The picturesque Monastery of Ioannis Kalivitis is located roughly 5 km. from the village of Psachna in the western section of central Evia. The church is famed not only for its beautiful location within the surrounding greenery but also for the interesting story regarding the martyr it honors. According to tradition, the monastery was named after Ioannis Kalavitis, the son of wealthy parents in Constantinople. Born in 460 AD, the boy began reading and studying the New Testament from a young age, though his father tried to discourage it, preferring that his son pursue more of a traditional education. Determined to continue his spiritual journey, Ioannis ran from his home and became a monk. After spending many years at the monastery, John returned to his paternal home, emaciated from fasting. His parents, who believed their son had died long ago, didn’t recognize him and accepted in their home as a monk. It was only shortly before his death that he gave them the Bible they had given him as a child and revealed his true identity.

9.Wine tourism and gastronomy

Evia is a traditional island. Dozens of restaurants provide the best quality seafood, squid, octopus, red mullet, clams, fresh seasonal vegetables, skewers, meat portions, always accompanied by excellent salads and appetizers. Evia is well known for its honey, olives, figs, cherries and many types of cheese.

Avantis Estate,Chaliks Evia

Taking its name from what the island was called in ancient times, Apostolos Mountrichas produces award-winning wines from within the Lilantio Plain, one of Evia’s most well-known wine regions. The estate’s extensive list of varieties includes six different types of Syrah, Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Merlot, Muscat, Black Kountoura, Grenache Rouge and Gewürztraminer. Falling under the category of a “Boutique Winery” means that only the highest quality of care at each stage of the production process is taken. A proud member of the Wine Roads of Dirfy Network, Avantis winery is open year-round and offers wine tastings and tours.

AVANTIS-ESTATE-VISITS Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece

Tzivani organic wines

Another impressive and award-winning organic wine producer is Tzivani Bio Wines based out of the village of Ritsona within the Avlida region, this Boutique Wine estate produces excellent examples of Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Agiorgitiko, Athiri, Moschofilero, Roditis, and Malagouzia varieties. The impressive size of the estate grounds enables it to host a large number of events on-site, including a variety of different wine tours and tastings. Tzivani Bio Wines is also home to a museum which takes visitors on a tour through the winery’s history and wine-making process. During spring 2013, Tzivani’s Malagouzia wine earned it the Grand Gold Lyon Concours award.

tzivani_wine_evia_island Top 10 reasons to travel Evia Island Greece
tzivani wine evia

10.Because is cheap!!!

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