The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

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In recent years, Evia has evolved into a popular tourist destination, unfortunately on the wrong occasion, as it was the crisis that brought it to the broad, at least, traveling public on the surface, since it is a close and economical choice!

However, those who know and have had it for years on their travel agenda can guarantee both its natural beauties and high-quality services!

Apart from the many well-known and beloved spots in every corner, we will reveal your well-hidden “secrets” to make every visit truly a unique experience!

With the base of Chalkis we start an interesting, “different” tour of Evia …

# 1 In the vicinity of Chalkis for … meat!

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The Halkida is the most popular destination -and extremely kontinos- especially the Athenians for day trip combined with bathroom and seafood in taverns and ouzo.

But this has been known for years … What is not known is that just outside the city you will find excellent meat options in scenic, family taverns. The next time you go, choose something different!

We recommend that you get off to Afrati – about 15 km from Chalkida, 8.5 km – where on the main square you will find “Hercules” famous for the delicious meats and especially the chopsticks (with the most popular ones from ewe).

An alternative option, however, is the village of Kyparissi (23 km from Chalkida, about 30 ‘) and specifically in the area of ​​”Diethnemos”, as the locals call it, where you will eat delicious food from local products and excellent meat under the plane trees and next to the running waters!

Tip: Even August to go, do not forget to take with you a jacket or jacket!

# 2 For bathing or free camping on the beach of Vithouri

kal1929-2-copy The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

It is 53 km. from Chalkis on the eastern side of Evia and is a magical and tranquil landscape! A small bay right and left surrounded by rocks that offer shade, while the sea front with crystal clear waters, clear, cold and deep blue, causes the senses!

You will reach the village of Glyfada (44 km from Chalkida, about 1 hour by car) and from there you will get off the dirt road (it is difficult to reach) to the beach.

This is a great escape for either a day trip or free camping if you are a fan. If, however, you decide to camp, be properly prepared because the beach has nothing.

Nevertheless, if you go for a swim, do not miss the opportunity, before getting off, stop at the village to “arrange” the food on the return! We suggest the tavern-grocery store maintained by Mrs. Assim in her house, in the village square. He will make you eggs with potatoes and fresh cheese – really your grandmother – and whatever good he may have cooked that day (if any) or arrange to order what you want to prepare for when you turn!

# 3 For alternative activities in Karystos

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Particularly popular, Karystos is 114 km away from Chalkida. – about 2 hours by car – and is the largest city of South Evia and the most famous destinations of the island.

With beaches, either organized or quieter, plenty of dining and entertainment choices, with the coastal road bustling with life, is a popular choice. In Karystos you will find the other side, the more alternative …

Visit the Dimosari Gorge in Ochi, the mountain that overlooks Karystos at an altitude of 1,399 m, and discover the unique green side of South Evia!

Tip : In Karystos you will find one hour from Marmari’s port of Rafina and from there about 15 ‘by car.

# 4 In the waterfalls of Drymonas

shutterstock_188343254 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Drimonas is a mountainous village in Northern Evia at an altitude of 580 meters, located opposite the Monastery of Saint David, 1 km away, at the foot of Dry Mountain.

Its name is probably derived from the dense oak, oak, and pine forests surrounding it, or from the harsh cold weather prevailing in the area during the winter.

Arrive there to admire the waterfalls of Drymonas that make up a place of inexhaustible natural beauty … They are located at an altitude of 620 meters, 4 kilometers after the Monastery of Saint David, from the road that starts from Rovies.

The path between the greenery is truly wonderful!

# 5 Wander to the beauties of South Evia

shutterstock_422273446 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Beautiful canyons with dense vegetation and running waters, beautiful beaches and extensive sandy beaches, picturesque archipelagos, Lake Distos , the massif of Ochi (highest peak of the Prophet Elias , 1,399 m.), The legendary Cavo Doro, unique Drakospita compose the attractive image of South Evia, which is like a fairy tale.

IMG_9753 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Choose one of the many villages or settlements – the largest and most famous city of Karystos – for your stay or the most alternative beach for camping and indulge in the magic of the area.

From activities, water sports and very good taverns to sights, monuments and unique beaches, we guarantee that these holidays will remain unforgettable!

# 6 Edipsos Baths

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Even Aristotle himself attempted to interpret the phenomenon of Edipsos thermal waters!

Its Spa , with more than 80 thermal springs and a splendid scenery of rich vegetation that meets the blue-green sea, is a natural treasure, a shelter of peace and well-being with unique healing qualities.

shutterstock_551254000 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Besides, it is not the random number of visitors. Sea and thermal waters, dine-baths, drink-therapy, mud baths, swimming in the sea where the springs end up, whatever you choose will revive you!

# 7 In Lihadonisia to see the … Caribbean of Evia!

IMG_7506 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

The Lihadonisia is cluster 7 small verdant islands, which are surrounded by the deep blue, crystal-clear waters and idyllic images in northwest Evia. The cluster is a creation of volcanic energy and forms a single volcanic formation and the largest is called Manolia .

Until 1964 the area was inhabitable but abandoned due to a lack of electricity and water. You can drive from Athens to Kamena Vourla in one hour and 55 km (177 km) and pass across the boat, the journey takes 35 ‘.

10351465_1382281692096265_4722681036924623415_n The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Alternatively, if you are already staying somewhere in Evia or if you want to make a bigger but more picturesque and much more beautiful route, you can reach the beach of Likhada, the northwest of Evoia or else Kavos, as the locals call it .

It is 3.5 hours from Athens (2 hours and 15 minutes from Chalkida) but the road network is not good. From there you will get a boat.

# 8 Northern Evia and magical routes …

Beautiful, green forests, nature walks, wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters, beautiful scenery, activities … North Evia combines everything!

Its natural shape, with its rich vegetation and stunning seas, is ideal for excursions and alternative tourism, winter and summer.

If you are a fan of these, the following indicative routes will be excited!

Prokopi – Pelion – Vlachia – Sarakiniko

shutterstock_639726613 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

A 25 km route between mountains and sea with rare natural beauty! Prefer to make it summer combined with a bath on small sandy beaches with crystal clear waters! Good stop, chapel of Agios Ioannis Theologos at the beach of the village of Pelion.

Agia Anna beach – Achladi beach – Kotsikia beach

A 14.5 km long route, ideal for summer, where you will meet small and bigger beaches with turquoise waters!

IMG_7579 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Lake – Katounia – Holy Monastery of Saint Nicholas Galatakis

A 9 km route where you will combine the visit to the monastery overlooking the lush slopes of Mount Kantili with the impressive beaches! Recommended for all year round.

Lake – Rovies – Damas – Kalamoudi – Drymonas – Drymonas waterfalls

A 25 km route for every season of time joining the beautiful Lake with the only forest in the area of ​​Drymonas. Do not forget to visit the Monastery of Osio David.

shutterstock_512795425 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

# 9 Visit the chapel of Agia Kyriaki

The chapel of Agia Kyriaki in Kambia, Evia (32 km from Chalkida, about 40 minutes by car) is built between plane trees and running waters. A landscape of unique natural beauty …

The church, resting on a rock, is basically overlaid on the cave, in which the inhabitants found the icon of Saint Kiriaki.

19621841_781620812005745_340099204_n The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

The abundant running waters that exist in the area will see them up to the cave interior of the church! Although there are no houses and permanent residents, you will find plenty of trails to sell local traditional products as well as a family tavern.

From the stone fountains constantly running cold water …

# 10 In Northern Evia  for activities

Full of beautiful places, waterfalls, canyons, waters running everywhere, rivers, beaches with blue-green waters and paths, Northern Evia is ideal for various kinds of activities and meets all the requirements for water sports!

Make windsurfing, kitesurf (Kanatadika, Artemisio Royal), jetski, diving (St George Lichadas – Lihadonisia) sailing, canoe kayakkai offshore sailing (Lake – Orei).

shutterstock_519690109 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

If you are still fishing enthusiasts, there is enough fishing or boat fishing. On the other hand, if you love the mountain you will enjoy walks or mountain bike. There are also dirt tracks and two slopes (Kamaria – Rovies) for motocross.

shutterstock_584772031 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Finally, the villages of Kamatriades, Taxiarchis, and Agia Anna are ideal for horse riding enthusiasts, as you can ride in the woods.


During the summer, various sporting activities such as beach volleyball, 5×5 football, 3×3 basketball, rugby, four-wheel drive, enduro and alternative activities such as yoga trips, zumba and pilates are organized throughout the region.

# 11 For … fun cult  in Paliura!

It is well known that in the villages of Evia in the summer and especially during the period of the 15th of August many festivals are held.

shutterstock_151652153 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Whether you like it or not, this cult fun way, sure is that it’s a real … traditional experience!

If you want to live it, every year in the village of Paliouras (24 km from Chalkida, about 30 by road) are some of the biggest ones with well known artists of the area, who of course are accompanied by spit meat, beers and … whiskey! Specifically, Leon is the most “popular”, a great tavern in the center of the village.

If, on the other hand, you do not have the appetite for … festivals, take a stop in the village by returning from your bath (perhaps if you have gone to Chileados as you will meet it on the way back) because you will eat the best kontosouvli!

# 12 Discover the beach of Korasida at Achladeri!

Seventy kilometers south of Chalkida after crossing Aliveri and the junction for Karystos (continuing to Kymi), you follow the signs and after a few minutes uphill you will see the village of Achladis .

Downhill, you’ll get a first taste of the beach with the beautiful colors …

An Aegean beach, one of the most beautiful in Euboea, large in size with white pebbles, deep blue waters and a very interesting bottom.

It’s so wide in size (both in length and width) that you will hardly find it full! It is not organized and if you exclude the few trees high, you should be careful when the sun is burning almost all day!


It is good to get it without a wave, since it is exposed to weather due to its large size. When the sea is calm, the transparency and colors of the water and the bottom are truly enchanting. ..

# 13 For bathing in Rovies

It is 86 km. from Halkida, about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and it’s a village built inside the arc formed by the pine clad mountains Telethrio and Horseman , in the heart of a vast olive grove joining the foot of the mountain to the sea.

It is one of the most beautiful seaside villages of Northern Evia with an endless beach with fine pebbles and sand and clear deep blue waters while the sunset fascinates …

Apart from the beach, on the first occasion, visit the newly built women’s monastery of Agia Irini of Chrysovallanto, built in a beautiful location very close to the road of Lake – Rovies – Edipsos.

# 14 For a bath in Klimaki

Very close to the village of Petriès , 60 km. from Chalkida (about 1 hour), you will meet Klimaki beach. It is a small bay with sand protected from the winds.

Unlike most of the beaches of Euboea bordered by the Aegean Sea, the sea in Klimaki is relatively shallow. Next to the beach there are a few taverns, while alternatively you can eat at Agios Apostolos – which is the next beach.

# 15 For bathing in the Petri dish

It is a unique beach in southern Euboea, on the Aegean side, basically a big bay, which is difficult to “fill” even in August, while some choose to set their scene here. With very fine pebbles for the most part, sand on the south side and crystal blue aquamarine waters will impress you!

Tip: After Aliveri, in the village of Lepoura turn to Petres. After Petrias, head to Agii Apostoli and turn to Stomio. Follow the dirt road to get to the Cherokee.

# 16 Free camping in Limnionas!

The beach of Limnionas , central Evia, is 50km away from Chalkida, about 1 hour drive. It is rising from the Aegean Sea, it has a small black pebble, a very interesting bottom with rocks, rocks and several fish and is bounded by the mountain slopes in a large bay divided into two beaches by a big rock!

limionas-dimitris-lampridis The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

The right and bigger part of the beach is closer to the parking and the taverns, while the campers are confined high and below the trees. The left and smaller part of it with the cave and steep rocks attracts more  campers (although camping is prohibited). In the settlement you will find no accommodation.

shutterstock_232153345 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Tip: To the right of the beach is the legendary rocker, the so-called island of Baker, an Englishman who has bought a large house there, on the small and steep narrow streets of this beach.

# 17 Live history in Edipsos in just one walk!

shutterstock_506860942 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Apart from the Baths, visit Edipsos:

  1. To stay at the luxury spa hotel, Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness, which according to Conde Nast Traveler magazine is among the top 10 in the world! It is housed in an impressive Graveyard of 1896 and is the first hotel in Loutra Edipsou.
  2. To enjoy a magical sunset overlooking the North Evian Gulf
  3. To admire an excellent work by Chiller, the old hydrotherapy center of Agioi Anargyroi. Behind this you will find the baths and the cave of the Roman general Sulla, which is preserved from the Roman period – one of the most remarkable sights of the region.

# 18 To eat hunting in Petali!

Just a short distance from Petalis beach, among fir trees and chestnut trees, you will find the family tavern of Chelinga where you can enjoy meat dishes from their farm (deer, wild boar, pheasants, calves), located just 500 m. from the tavern. Ideal for eating after bathing!

# 19 For windsurfing in South Evia!

The strong northern winds and strong currents, as well as the narrow passage to Megali Ammos beach and the small Petrilios island, make South Evia, in particular the area of ​​2 km. from Marmari popular wind surf destination!

IMG_9728 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

From Marmari, with the exception of Almyropotamos (near Styra), the most famous beach is Megali Ammos, known for its variable shape, which every year is different depending on the currents of the sea and the waves!

shutterstock_408957514 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

That’s why it’s also very popular as a meeting place for everywhere surfers from Greece and Europe !

shutterstock_541055080 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

# 20 Marmari: The perfect base of the South …

The Marmari is from Halkida 111 km. (about 2 hours by road or alternatively just one hour from Rafina with a closed Ferry Boat) is located on the south side and is a picturesque natural semicircle, an ideal base for exploring southern Evia.

Beginning … just across the harbor you will meet the complex of Petali , consisting of nine small islands, enchanting with the colorful waters and the exotic beaches that do not remind the other of the southern Euboic. The islets were formed by the precipitation of the intermediate land and by the erosion of the waves of the sea.

shutterstock_284925152-2 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

You will be there by boat from Marmari in a few minutes. Continuing … Marmari can be better known but the small neighboring villages are as beautiful as Agios Dimitrios, Akteion, Gianitsios, Kallianos and Katsaronis , after they capture what we say … the greatness of nature!

Routes under plane trees and riverside, dreamy virgin beaches, colors, tranquility and tranquility in a harmonious ensemble that looks as if not yet explored!

Browse some of the nearby beaches, such as the bays of Agia Paraskevi, Chryssi Ammos and Zastani, with turquoise waters, pebbles and sand.

# 21 In the trails of Dirfis …

Although homonymous water is well known as the mountain itself, the information of most people stop there. The Dirfi (or Dirfys ) dominates the center of Evia and is the highest mountain (altitude 1.743m.), With intense relief and remarkable flora and avifauna.

shutterstock_413158462 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Kastanies, fir trees, oaks, plane trees, deciduous trees, rare wildflowers, ravines with running waters embellish their slopes and are ideally suited for unique walking trails on marked paths, impressing with the natural beauty of both the mountain range and its traditional settlements!

# 22 Journey to the villages of Dirfis …

The Close is built on an impressive ravine with running water and trees. The chestnut tree, dense vegetation, traditional color and its taverns attract visitors all year round.

The Stropones is a traditional village, built amphitheatrically, in an area with abundant water and crops. On their beautiful square you will see mulberry trees, cypress trees, a plane tree and a fountain.

Close to Agios Athanasios , a village built at the foot of Dirfis, there is the gorge of Angal , with its natural beauty, with wooden bridges, ponds and running waters.

shutterstock_654409771 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Just a short distance from the Catholic , a village with traditional stone-made houses and beautiful churches, there are Eria , a wonderful area with plenty of water, plane trees and the Byzantine church of Theotokos Monometerias-Ypapanti.

shutterstock_654409906 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Dense vegetation and running waters make up the beautiful natural environment in Kabia.

Over the village rises Xerobouni, a mountain with an impressive relief. In the wider area of ​​Cambia, significant paleontological finds have come to light.

shutterstock_413158468 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

In Loutsa , a village stretching near the foothills of Dirfis, you will see the stone fountains, the paved square and the churches.

# 23 For lobster lobster in Kymi

shutterstock_71386480 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

The Kymi in eastern Evia, 87 km. from Chalkis, with its privileged position, built amphitheatrically on a hill from which it oversees the Aegean Sea – which is why it is called Balcony of the Aegean – is one of the most famous villages of Evia with interesting sights, a strong historical past and remarkable food, drink and accommodation suggestions.

Many taverns with excellent food but try lobster with fresh lobsters by local fishermen! Besides, if you find yourself, do not neglect to buy the excellent products it produces, with the registered figs!

shutterstock_355463417 The 23 secret treasures of Evia that you must first discover!

Tip: Within walking distance of Kymi you will find beautiful beaches such as Platana, Kalogiros, Stomio Oxylithos and Mourteri.


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