Limnionas beach Evia Island

limnionas beach

The beach Limnionas in Central Evia is a beautiful pebble beach and a very dark cherry-brown sand, which during the day is hot and no one can walk on it barefoot. For this reason it is good to be prepared with appropriate footwear.

The sea is quite deep. In the first 4-5 steps into the sea is not pressed. Also like most beaches in Evia “see” Aegean have enough air and sea most days. For this reason it is good before you go to look for any wind. In the vicinity you will find 1-2 canteens where you can get coffee drinks and sandwiches and there are just above the beach 1-2 taverns.

It combines fine white sand and coarse pebbles, with clear blue waters and an incredible tranquility while recent years is very secular. In the middle of the beach, there is a typical rock, giving the landscape a wild beauty.

Only 50 min from Eviafoxhouse!!!

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