Evia,Beauty under your nose


Exquisite beauty

Separated by mainland Greece by only 130 feet, Evia is Greece’s second-largest island.

EVIA1 Evia,Beauty under your nose

A rugged coastline of wide beaches and steep cliffs makes sailing along the coast in a caique (wooden fishing boat) ideal. Is it any wonder that Evia was named by National Geographic as one of the Top 10 international sailing destinations.

Just 80km away from Athens, Chalkida is the capital city of Evia. Thanks to its strategic location, the city has remained a crossroad of cultures and ideas over centuries. It’s accessible thanks to a modern cable bridge.

EVIA3 Evia,Beauty under your nose

Sun-drenched Silver Island is covered in fragrant pine and olive trees. The islet is a yoga retreat, created largely due to the goodwill of strangers and an army of volunteers.

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The island of dreams hasn’t been as lucky as Silver Island. Linked to Evia by a long narrow corridor the once fun-filled resort is held hostage by Greek bureaucracy but still has a haunting appeal.

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Enjoy sun, sea and sensuality at one of the most well-known nudist beaches of Greece… Hiliadou! Once a lair for pirates, these days the beach enjoys a reputation for clear waters, clean sand… and crowds.

EVIA6 Evia,Beauty under your nose

Edipsos is in the north of Evia and is famous for its spa and is one of the most ancient destinations in the world. Mythology says that the water gushed when Hephaestus the god of fire hit the ground with his hammer, after the goddess Athena asked him to do so as a favor, because she wanted the hot baths for Hercules to remain always healthy and strong.

EVIA7 Evia,Beauty under your nose

Kimi is the picturesque town and port of Evia, located on the east side and called “the balcony of the Aegean”, thanks to its stunning views of the sea. With narrow flagstone poved streets and with lush greenery and beautiful beaches, is an ideal destination, giving the opportunity to “pop” with the ferry boat to the neighboring island of Skyros.

EVIA8 Evia,Beauty under your nose

There is something eerie about the Drakospita on the southern part of the island. These centuries-old constructions lie on jagged peaks and nobody knows how they got there.

EVIA9 Evia,Beauty under your nose

Lichadonisia lies on the western side of Evia. A turquoise beach of exquisite beauty…

EVIA10 Evia,Beauty under your nose

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