Evia winery tourism

Avantis Estate,Chaliks Evia

Taking its name from what the island was called in ancient times, Apostolos Mountrichas produces award-winning wines from within the Lilantio Plain, one of Evia’s most well-known wine regions.The estate’s extensive list of varieties includes six different types of Syrah, Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Merlot, Muscat, Black Kountoura, Grenache Rouge and Gewürztraminer. Falling under the category of a “Boutique Winery” means that only the highest quality of care at each stage of the production process is taken. A proud member of the Wine Roads of Dirfy Network, Avantis  Evia winery is open year-round and offers wine tastings and tours.

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Tzivani organic wines

Another impressive and award-winning organic wine producer is Tzivani Bio Wines based out of the village of Ritsona within the Avlida region, this Boutique Wine estate produces excellent examples of Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Agiorgitiko, Athiri, Moschofilero, Roditis, and Malagouzia varieties.The impressive size of the estate grounds enables it to host a large number of events on-site, including a variety of different wine tours and tastings. Tzivani Bio Wines is also home to a museum which takes visitors on a tour through the winery’s history and wine-making process. During spring 2013, Tzivani’s Malagouzia wine earned it the Grand Gold Lyon Concours award.

There, in the underground cellars, the wine is being matured and aged with patience in new oak  French wooden barriques. In the winery which is of an exceptional traditional design, the Wine and Folklore art Museum is also housed.

The visitor will have the experience to see a rare collection of traditional objects and apparatus from Greece and from all over the world which are related to the cultivation of vine, the vinification, the production of olive oil, as well as with the traditional and popular folklore art.

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Kokkinos pyrgos

For over 130 years, the vines of the Kokkinos Pyrgos Estate Evia winery have proudly continued the tradition of wine-making which dates back over two millennia throughout the Lilandia region.It’s a crisp white wine made with Roditis and Savatiano grapes and goes well with seafood and poultry. The Estate’s red wine is a blend of Cabernet Savignon and the lesser-known Mandiliara varieties and perfectly accompanies and since then has refrained from using chemicals during any part of the wine-making process. The winery usually holds events and tastings particularly towards harvest time within the months of September and October.Most wine lovers agree that a boutique winery is small in comparison to the other wineries in its region.A boutique winery has a very personal relationship with its customers. The people working at a boutique winery tend have a great deal of passion and pride concerning their wines and are intensely knowledgeable about them.Every year we host a harvest event when the grapes are ripe and ready to go! This is usually within the last two Sundays of September. We also participate every May at the “Greek Wineries Open Doors” event witch occurs all over Greece on the same weekend-Evia winery.

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Lykos winery

The Lykos Winery is located in Malakondas on the island of Evia, 80km NE of Athens.Apostolis and Nana Lykos welcome you to their winery in Malakondas on the Greek island  of Evia. Here, our passion for wine is combined with a 40-year culinary tradition, which we inherited from our forefathers and continue to honor, while respecting the natural environment and safeguarding it for future generations.. Vineyards with a southern exposure that maximizes the amount of sunlight, and benefiting from gentle sea breezes provide ideal conditions for quality wine grapes and excellent vintages. Combining fine raw materials, expert wine making know how and cutting edge technology, we consistently produce top notch vintages, taking full advantage of each vineyard’s unique terroir.

Every weekend we are open to the public and welcome visitors. There is the option to have a guide tour at the premices, to see the production line and the cellar and have a wine tasting. Also, next to the Winery there is the family`s traditional restaurant where you could enjoy your lunch. Lykos Winerys` visitors can buy our wines at special prices and other delicacies from local products from Evia island Evia winery.

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Vriniotis winery

The family company VRINIOTIS WINERY sits in Gialtra, a small village of northen Evia, 14 km from Aidipsos.The relationship between wine and vineyard exists from older, from the era when Konsatntinos Vriniotis’s fathers started planting vineyards in the area and built the old traditional winery.Next to the old, stoned grape mill with the traditional underground fermentation tank, is located the new winery.The new winery is built according to the local architecture of Aidipsos, which forces traditional line and soft colours.The winery is open all the days of the year and has a taste room, for visitors to taste all the wines.The family cultivates common grape varieties including Savvatiano, Assyrtiko, Roditis and Malagouzia, though their passion is to save a rare Greek variety known as Vradiano from being forgotten. The estate holds tastings and tours year-round-Evia winery.

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Koutsogiorgakis winery

Located in the rolling hills just outside the northern town of Istiea, the Koutsogiorgakis family has made saving and preserving rare grape varieties native to the soil of northern Evia a top priority.While the winery produces internationally known varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache Blanc alongside Greek standards including Roditis and Assyrtiko; it’s northern Evia’s red Vradiano and Kartsiotis as well as the white Asproudes that separate this vineyard from the rest. Its Elopia red has won numerous awards, along with its Kamaria white, which has one trophy under its belt Evia winery.

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Montofoli Estate Wines

Known for its signature sweet wine, the Montofoli Estate has been an important site of culture dating back to antiquity. Several artefacts were found throughout the area and can now be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Karystos.The land provided the backdrop for a number of rulers throughout the centuries, though by the mid-20th century it had fallen into decay. That is until 1986, when the Karakosta family again breathed life into the land, and began planting the vines that would go on to prouduce award-winning wines. The old remnants of buildings which had been left abandoned on the property were carefully restored in order to preserve their rich historical character.Today the estate is best known for its signature sweet white wine, which is made from Asyrtiko, Athiri and Liatiko grapes. Another vintage is the amber-hued Montofoli Gold which is another sweet wne that has been aged 5-10 years.  Montofoli also produces a dry white wine of the Savatiano variety along with a red merlot. The estate holds wine tours during the summer and also frequently hosts a variety of cultural events. Evia winery

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