Evia The Island of Negroponte by Mysterious Greece


Glittering Cities, Medieval Fortresses, Verdant Mountains, Imposing Waterfalls, Forest Trails and Thermal Springs under theMysterious Secrets of Euboea

Glittering cities and humble villages. Medieval castles and byzantine fortresses. Charming villages and historical churches.Verdant canyons and barren mountains. Forest trails and endless beaches. Thermal springs and fossilized bones. Fertile valleys and magnificent waterfalls. The oblong island of Euboea is only an echo of the prehistoric continental land blessed with beautiful sceneries that invite you to discover them, in spring, in summer, in autumn or even in winter. An entire world of contrasting sceneries is ready to captivate you!

aedipsos_village Evia The Island of Negroponte by Mysterious Greece
edipsos village evia


The northern side of Euboea is considered as one of the most beautiful regions of the island that combines verdant mountainous landscapes with panoramic views of the endless blue. Picturesque villages and archaeological monuments of great civilizations are scattered through the mountain landscapes with dense pine forests and olive groves. Hike to the outstanding trails to discover the pristine nature of the northern part of the island with landscapes of immense natural beauty.

Between the Aegean Sea and the Euboean Gulf lies the central side of the island rich in diversity of marvellous sceneries. The heart of Euboea is encompassed from the beautiful capital of Halkida, the remarkable archaeological monuments of Eretria, the balcony of the Aegean known as Kymi that will take your breath away! Astonishing mountainous and seaside villages are blessed with diversified landscapes. Nonetheless, one should not forget the wild landscapes of the southern side of Euboea! This side of the island is blessed with beautiful gorges and dense vegetation, beautiful sandy beaches, the picturesque Aegean Archipelago, the legendary’ Cavo Doro and the unique Drakospita!

metoxi_village_evia Evia The Island of Negroponte by Mysterious Greece
metoxi village

Spectacular gorges are waiting for you to discover the magnificent scenery’ of dramatic landscapes with pristine rivers under the spring concerts of the birds and endless seashores endowed from all the shades of blue.

Charming villages with red tiled roofs climbing in the slopes of the mountains and wooden bridges passing over rivers, wild mountains with chestnut forests and beautiful waterfalls, an abundant number of natural sceneries, and as the island said itself, an entire world of contrasting sceneries is ready to be discovered!


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