Evia Dafni beach-Only 5 min from Eviafoxhouse

dafni beach evia

Dafnis Nerotrivias beach in Evia is 110 km from Athens and 32 km from Chalkida. Its transparent turquoise waters and the pines that reach the sea make it one of the most beautiful beaches of Evoikos.

The beach stretches for about 2 km and is “divided” into two parts. You will meet the first one when you arrive and it is just below the road while for the second one you will either walk through the beach or drive a few meters and even go down the steps of the restaurant that is just above the beach.

beach-dafnis-nerotrivias-evia Evia Dafni beach-Only 5 min from Eviafoxhouse
dafni beach evia nerotrivia

In fact, the beach of Daphni is part of a beach of several kilometers that starts from the foot of Mount Kandili and reaches the beach of Politika. Dafni beach is the northern limit of the coastal route that you can do from Chalkida. 

taverna-dafni-evias Evia Dafni beach-Only 5 min from Eviafoxhouse
taverna dafni evias

Shades of blue and green in Dafni Beach – Evia

There, at the foot of the mountain, “hides” a beautiful beach with pebbles and stone, turquoise waters, nature that reaches the sea and spring water that flows into the Evoikos.

dafni-beach-evia-nerotrivia Evia Dafni beach-Only 5 min from Eviafoxhouse

The pines “rest” on the sea at Dafni beach in Evia

On the first beach, in summer there is a beach bar while in the same area there are several rooms for rent. On the second beach there is a tavern through which, descending some steps, you have access to the sea. The waters are relatively cold and this is due to the mountain springs that end at the beach.

The second part of the beach (in the tavern) is definitely more impressive as the green of the mountain embraces it creating wonderful images and colors on land and sea.

dafni-beach-evia-island Evia Dafni beach-Only 5 min from Eviafoxhouse
The green embraces Dafni beach in Evia

It would be good to have beach shoes with you without this meaning that you can not enter the sea without them. In some places there is natural shade but from noon onwards the sun hits the beach everywhere. When the beach bar is open, it produces some umbrellas, but it would be good to have the necessary things with you. Even if the bar on the first beach does not work, it is most likely that you will find open the tavern and cafe that the same company has been operating for decades in the area and get the essentials from there.

dafni-beach-evia-island-best-beach-in-evia Evia Dafni beach-Only 5 min from Eviafoxhouse

Daphne Beach – Evia

How to get there

Starting from Chalkida, head to North Evia. You pass Nea Artaki and at the fork (statue of Aggeli Goviou) that leads to Psachna, Politika and N. Evia you will choose the left road that passes through the village of Kastela. At the exit of the village and at the traffic lights of the bridge you will turn left, you will continue the road to the village of Politikon and then you follow the signage to Nerotrivia. In Nerotrivia you will find signage to Daphne again, follow it and in about 5 to 10 minutes you will be at the beach.

If you want to go to the second beach, continue the road for about 500 meters and park in the restaurant area just above the beach.

Where to eat

On the beach of Daphne there is a tavern that operates and a separate cafe bar overlooking the beach while some seasons there is a beach bar with restaurant. It is advisable to confirm by phone in advance that it works. You will find good food options in the village of Nerotrivia, especially in the evening. See here all the options for restaurants – taverns and cafes in the area of ​​Daphne Nerotrivia .

Where will you stay?

In the area there is a hotel and various rentals such as www.eviafoxhouse.com

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