Church of Agia Kyriaki -Kampia Steni Evia


The church of Agia Kyriaki in Kampia of Evia is built in a beautiful location between plane trees and running water. Just 30 minutes drive from Chalkida and in the direction of North Evia, at the height of Nea Artaki we turn right towards Steni and follow the signs until[…]

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Eria Evias -Church of the Virgin Monomeritissa – Ypapantis

eria evia greece steni evias

Eria is located near Kathenos, in the municipality of Dirfi, in central Evia. It is a place of unique natural beauty with running water, river and waterfalls, under the shade of plane trees. The name Eria, according to one version, comes etymologically from the word eria (hair) of sheep and goats[…]

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Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “ARETHOUSA”!


Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “ARETHOUSA”!   Ascension of Alexander the Great  January 3, 2022 Chalkida, 12th c . At the southeastern entrance of the city of Chalkida, left from the roundabout leading right to South Evia and left to North is an old industrial building, made of stone and brick, a building of[…]

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Steni Evia

steni evias

The mountain “diamond” of Central Evia Built on the outskirts of Dirfyos, the highest mountain of Evia, Steni is one of the most beautiful villages on the island and the starting point of many mountain excursions. The picturesque village of Kefalochori stretches at an altitude of 450 meters and consists[…]

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St Sunday in Kampia Dirfys of Evia Island

The church of Agia Kyriaki in Kambia of Evia is built in a beautiful location between plane trees and running waters. Immersed on a rock that forms the left side of the church and part of the sanctuary, the church of Agia Kyriaki is basically built on the cave in[…]

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Moniperivleptou in Politika Evias


The Holy Convent of Our Lady Perivleptou is administered by the Diocese of Halkida, Evvoia and is situated in a pine forest of stunning beauty about 500 m from the village of Politika. The Catholicon is consecrated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, while within its cloisters there are chapels[…]

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Karababa Castle in Chalkis

karababa castle

Karababa Castle built by the Ottomans in 1684, to protect Chalkis from the Venetians. Designed by Venetian Gerolimo Galopo and architecture are more European than Ottoman. It occupies the top of the hill Kanithou. It has a maximum width of 240 meters and a maximum length of 54 meters. It[…]

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