The beach of Vlachia is a picturesque beach on Evia on the shores of the Aegean.

Very clean and in green after a hillside surrounded by trees. Along the beach there are restaurants and canteens.Beneath the trees that exist within the stream are many different scenes, but you may see several tents on the beach. The beach has coarse sand and as you approach the beach has small pebbles, while in the bottom is pebbly.

Vlachia beach is located on the northeast side of Evia, just outside Prokopi, on the road to Pili. The beach is pure with unspoilt natural beauty. The beach is sandy and the bed is pebbly, with crystal clear turquoise waters. The slope above the beach offers a view to the green landscape. Not far away from the beach you’ll find canteens and taverns. We definitely suggest that you visit this beach.

Only 1hr from Eviafoxhouse