Osios David is found high upon a mountain top between Kalamoudi and Drymona and entrance is forbidden wearing shorts, short sleeves on shirts, or women wearing trousers. Upon entering, you will be examined by the high priest and his door keeper to see if you are appropriately dressed to enter the temple. There are shirts and elastic waist skirts provided for those who need further coverage.Osios David is a monastery built on the grounds where a very ancient church once lay. The monastery is a mere 500 years old although even within that time is has had to be re-built due to being burn tdown during the Revolution. The church was built around 1550ย  and is a strong place of worship for the Greek Orthodox community with thousands of visitors from all over Europe and the rest of the world every year.Most visitors attend the spectacular celebrations on August 6th of the Metamorphosis of Sotiros and the memorial on November 1st of Osios David.There is a nearby spring that legend says the young David touched the rock on the mountainside and the spring was born. It still flows today and many people believe in its healing properties. It is found at the first turn on the road after the monastery.