It’s the main mountain of Evia, as along with Mount Olympus they occupy most of its central part. Its highest peak (1,743 meters), Delphi, is the highest mountain of all the Greek islands after the mountains of Crete. The Mountain Dirfis is the highest mountain of Euboea located in the central part of the island. The mountain range of Dirfis has rugged terrain and remarkable flora and fauna. The slopes of the mountain are blessed with dense vegetation of chestnut, oak and fir trees and numerous springs and streams. The mountain has pine trees, chestnuts, oak trees, fir trees, many steep parts and a rich fauna. Each year there is a lot of snow on its high peaks and for this reason it has so many springs of flowing waters. The highest peak is the area of Delphi reaching an altitude of 1734 meters with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the Euboean Gulf. The southern part of the mountain is covered with wild mountains and the eponymous tea plants surrounded from dense vegetation while the northern port of the mountain is dry and bar watered from the Rivers of Metohi and Stropones. Numerous sign posted trails are offered for hiking and walking lovers. The mountain has been included in the protected areas in the European Network of Natura 2000.

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