The church of Agia Kyriaki in Kampia of Evia is built in a beautiful location between plane trees and running water.

kampia-Evias-Steni-Evia-st-Sunday-agia-kyriaki-evias Church of Agia Kyriaki -Kampia Steni Evia

Just 30 minutes drive from Chalkida and in the direction of North Evia, at the height of Nea Artaki we turn right towards Steni and follow the signs until we reach the lower Steni. On the right side of the road we will see a sign to Agia Kyriaki and in less than 5 minutes we will be there.

st-Sunday-Kampia-Evias-Agia-Kyriaki-Evias-STENI Church of Agia Kyriaki -Kampia Steni Evia

Leaning on a rock that is the left side of the church and part of the sanctuary, the church of Agia Kyriaki is essentially built on the cave, in the paddocks of which the locals found the icon of Agia Kyriaki. The abundant running water that exists in the area the visitor can see even in the cavernous interior of the church.

In 1521 during the Turkish occupation, the area is said to have three houses and a watermill, but today they do not exist. The area is paved where peddlers often sell local products (honey, oregano, thyme, etc.), a bridge over the ravine and fountains that run crystal clear water.

KAMPIA-EVIA-AGIA-KYRIAKI-STENI-EVIAS-2 Church of Agia Kyriaki -Kampia Steni Evia

Almost all year round visitors can admire the running water that creates small waterfalls and climbing a few steps and a few meters above a small pond with green water fed by another small waterfall.

STENI-EVIAS-KAMPIA-AGIA-KYRIAKI-EVIAS Church of Agia Kyriaki -Kampia Steni Evia