The beach of Chiliadou is possibly the most famous in Evia Island, especially for free campers, even though it is prohibited. The area gets its name from a small church near the beach. It is sandy with pebbles and you can find snack bars and taverns in the area.
Chiliadou is a long beach on the eastern, aegean side of the island of Evoia. The northern end of the beach, separated by a large rock, is a designated nudist beach. This is a beautiful, cult nudist beach that has been the center of nudism in mainland Greece for the last 40 years. Things of course have changed since the hippy days when a bad dirt road took you there, but the beauty of the beach has not faded. The huge mountain in the background forms an amazing backdrop and the clear water along with the sea caves make this a special place. Special secret: at the north end of the nudist beach, before the cave, there is a steep footpath that you can walk in the nude, which takes you above and around the mountain after 15 minutes to another beautiful virgin secret beach with two sea caves, one on each side.