Dirfis Mountain

dirfis mountain

It’s the main mountain of Evia, as along with Mount Olympus they occupy most of its central part. Its highest peak (1,743 meters), Delphi, is the highest mountain of all the Greek islands after the mountains of Crete. The Mountain Dirfis is the highest mountain of Euboea located in the[…]

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Kandili forest

Mount Kantili has an elevation of 1.225 meters and is located in northwestern Evia, in Limni. Its highest peak is named Kourouvlo or Kourvelo – there are many locals who also call the whole mountain Kourvelo. At some points of the mountain, such as Psili Rachi and Kakavos, you’ll see[…]

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Waterfall of Drimonna

waterfall drimona evia

Waterfall of Drimonna is close to the monastery of St. David’s located in the village Drymona.It is known for its beautiful waterfall of the river.There are trails, stairs as well as benches to rest though, have a picnic and a kiosk for refreshments before you get to the waterfall.The area[…]

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