Petali beach

petali beach evia.

Petali is a apebbled beach with blue waters located on the central part of the island.It is a beautiful beach combining landscapes of the mountains and the sea ideal for lovers of nature.Located behind the mountain Dirfys, bordering the Aegean Sea. On the beach and there are pebbles on the[…]

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Sarakiniko Beach

sarakiniko beach

The Beach Sarakiniko is a beautiful beach in Central Evia shortly after the beach of Wallachia. The coast and at the bottom are black pebbles and coarse black sand especially towards the end of paralias.Ta dark pebbles and other rocks that are around the beach are what make it unique[…]

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Vythouri beach

vythouri beach

The beach Vythouri is a magnificent beach with crystal clear turquoise waters behind Dirfis washed by the Aegean Sea.The beach and the bottom are small pebbles. The beach is very small and rarely see many people.   Nor is there a nearby restaurant or cafe, nor about what it would[…]

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Limnionas beach

limnionas beach

The beach Limnionas in Central Evia is a beautiful pebble beach and a very dark cherry-brown sand, which during the day is hot and no one can walk on it barefoot. For this reason it is good to be prepared with appropriate footwear. The sea is quite deep. In the[…]

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Vlachia beach

vlachia beach

The beach of Vlachia is a picturesque beach on Evia on the shores of the Aegean. Very clean and in green after a hillside surrounded by trees. Along the beach there are restaurants and canteens.Beneath the trees that exist within the stream are many different scenes, but you may see[…]

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Chiliadou Beach


The beach of Chiliadou is possibly the most famous in Evia Island, especially for free campers, even though it is prohibited. The area gets its name from a small church near the beach. It is sandy with pebbles and you can find snack bars and taverns in the area. Chiliadou[…]

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Dafni beach

dafni-beach evia

Beach of Daphni is a beautiful beach with pebbles and stones on the shore and bottom, with crystal clear waters of many springs that flow into the sea, the mountain Kantili (Kandili) located just above the beach. The beach of Daphni is a beach bar with a restaurant, while you continue[…]

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