mpakoutis nerotrivia

Best restaurants to eat in Politika,Nerotrivia & Dafni Evias Greece Taverna Mpakoutis  Tel : 22280 31300 Greek traditional meat taverna serving his own  local meat Map Taverna Dafni Evias Tel: 22280 32332 Very clean and tidy place with lots of trees and flower with the best sea view in Evia Island serving fresh fish[…]

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Politika village

Politika village is situated 25km away from the town of Chalkida. The village is covered in rich vegetation while the beneficial wind from the Northern Evvoia Gulf blows gently. Visitors have the chance to enjoy one of the cleanest beaches of about 3.5km long. The village’s fish-taverns purchase fresh fish[…]

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Politika Beach

On the beach of Politika depending on the point at which you sit, you will see stones and sand. Generally the beach throughout its length (about 2,5 km) consists of pebbles. On the beach there are cafes, restaurants ouzo, pizza during the summer months filled with people. Only 5km from[…]

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Dafni beach

dafni-beach evia

Beach of Dafni in Evia Island is a beautiful beach with pebbles and stones on the shore and bottom, with crystal clear waters of many springs that flow into the sea, the mountain Kantili (Kandili) located just above the beach. The beach of Dafni in Evia Island is a beach[…]

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Kandili forest

Mount Kantili has an elevation of 1.225 meters and is located in northwestern Evia, in Limni. Its highest peak is named Kourouvlo or Kourvelo – there are many locals who also call the whole mountain Kourvelo. At some points of the mountain, such as Psili Rachi and Kakavos, you’ll see[…]

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