Athens Airport to Evia Foxhouse


Athens to Evia Foxhouse

From the airport you take the main highway “Attiki Odos” with direction to Elefsina.
Take the exit 8 to merge onto A1/E75 “Athens-Lamia national highway” with direction to Lamia.
Exit the national highway at the exit for “Chalkida.”
Cross the “NEW BRIDGE” and keep going on the same road with direction to “North Evia.”
When you reach the sea, there are traffic lights.Turn right and keep going on the same road.

Drive through “Nea Artaki” and keep going on the same road.
At some point you will see at your right a large store selling construction material called “TSAKLIS.” In a few meters you will reach some traffic lights and a statue memorial. You will notice that the road splits into two. Turn left and keep going on the same road for a while. The sea must be at your left all the time, even if you don’t see it.
Pass by a village called “Kastela” and right after that you will again reach a point with traffic lights where the road splits into two (at the same place there is also a gas station called “Cyclon”). Turn left and follow the same road until you reach the village of “Politika.”
Drive through “Politika” (be careful not to end up at the “Beach of Politika”) and at the end of the village there are signs that point to“Nerotrivia” and “Dafni.” Turn left and follow the road to “Nerotrivia.”
From there follow the signs to “Dafni.” From “Politika” to “Dafni” the distance is a few kilometers but the road is full of turns.
The house is on your right hand after the village Nerotrivia in the main road to Dafni.

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