5 Best beaches in Central Euboea (Evia) Island Greece

vythouri beach

Evia is the second largest island after Crete, the Greek islands and the third after Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean.It is separated from the mainland of Greece by the Evian Gulf.The island of Evia is one of the closest to Athens and yet it is one of the most unknown. That is because Evia is so large that there is much to know about it.

1.Dafni beach 

dafni-beach 5 Best beaches in Central Euboea (Evia) Island Greece
dafni-beach evia

Beach of Daphni is a beautiful beach with pebbles and stones on the shore and bottom, with crystal clear waters of many springs that flow into the sea, the mountain Kantili (Kandili) located just above the beach. The beach of Daphni is a beach bar with a restaurant, while you continue the road up and turn left to reach the second beach of Daphne, where there is a tavern. The second beach is even more special as it is more picturesque, more small bay and surrounded by greenery.Don’t forget to get your mask with you, as the seabed is rich and has unique pebbles!
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2.Vythouri beach

vythouri-beach 5 Best beaches in Central Euboea (Evia) Island Greece

The beach Vythouri is a magnificent beach with crystal clear turquoise waters behind Dirfis washed by the Aegean Sea.The beach and the bottom are small pebbles. The beach is very small and rarely see many people.   Nor is there a nearby restaurant or cafe, nor about what it would have fitted in advance.Vythouri beach is a small, secluded cove on the northern side of Dyrfi Mountain, facing the Aegean Sea. The beach is sandy with small pebbles and turquoise waters. Due to the high cliffs that surround it, it is sunny for only a few hours every day. The closest shops are 5 km away so it is advised that visitors should have with them any provisions they may need.

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3.Chiliadou beach

CHILIADOU-BEACH-EVIA 5 Best beaches in Central Euboea (Evia) Island Greece

The beach of Chiliadou is possibly the most famous in Evia Island, especially for free campers, even though it is prohibited. The area gets its name from a small church near the beach. It is sandy with pebbles and you can find snack bars and taverns in the area.Chiliadou is a long beach on the eastern, aegean side of the island of Evoia. The northern end of the beach, separated by a large rock, is a designated nudist beach. This is a beautiful, cult nudist beach that has been the center of nudism in mainland Greece for the last 40 year

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4.Lymnionas beach

evia-beach-limnionas 5 Best beaches in Central Euboea (Evia) Island Greece

The beach Limnionas in Central Evia is a beautiful pebble beach and a very dark cherry-brown sand, which during the day is hot and no one can walk on it barefoot. For this reason it is good to be prepared with appropriate footwear.The sea is quite deep. In the first 4-5 steps into the sea is not pressed. Also like most beaches in Evia “see” Aegean have enough air and sea most days. For this reason it is good before you go to look for any wind. In the vicinity you will find 1-2 canteens where you can get coffee drinks and sandwiches and there are just above the beach 1-2 taverns.

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5.Sarakiniko beach

sarakiniko_beach_euboea_island 5 Best beaches in Central Euboea (Evia) Island Greece

The Beach Sarakiniko is a beautiful beach in Central Evia shortly after the beach of Wallachia. The coast and at the bottom are black pebbles and coarse black sand especially towards the end of paralias.Ta dark pebbles and other rocks that are around the beach are what make it unique and different from many beaches of Evia. The water is relatively deep, as usually happens with all the beaches bordering the Aegean

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